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SrClassExam NameAttachment
1VII CResult Unit Test-2 (2020-21)
2VII BResult Unit Test-2 (2020-21)
3XI BResult Unit Test-2(2020-21)
4VI CResult Unit Test-2(2020-21)
5IX CResult Unit Test-2(2020-21)
6IX BResult Unit Test-2(2020-21)
7VIII AResult Unit Test-2(2020-21)
8VIII DResult Unit Test-2 (2020-21)
9VIII CResult Unit Test-2(2020-21)
10V CResult Unit Test-2 (2020-21)
11IV CResult Unit Test-2 (2020-21)
12II AResult Unit Test-2 (2020-21)
13III BResult Unit Test-2 (2020-21)
14III AUnit Test-2 (2020-21)
15I BUnit Test-2 (2020-21)
16V AUnit Test-2 (2020-21)
17IV BUnit Test-2 (2020-21)
18IV AUnit Test-2 (2020-21)
19II BUnit Test-2
20I AResult (Unit Test-2)