Message from the Principal

John Locke rightly said, at the time of birth a newborn's mind is Tabula Rasa (the human mind as it is at birth with no ideas or thoughts in it), then with each passing moment his mind receives myriad of impressions-precious, trivial, evanescent and everlasting and these impressions shape his worldview. Here, education plays an important role; it helps an individual to distinguish between desirable and undesirable impressions, sharpens human intellect and develops critical faculties. A great quote from the Upanishads affirms, "A man without education is like a deer in human form grazing upon the meadows, with his only purpose to fill his stomach." In today's context, somehow a large population is educated but man is still striving and grazing upon the meadow for gratification of his senses. Now the time has come for us to understand the aim of education which is to make this world fit for living. I envision my school students becoming scientifically advanced, technologically astute, morally upright, and enlightened, participating in their country's progress and presenting a perfect example of the world citizen. "It is my firm belief that education ought to teach us how to make a living but also how to live. True education is the training of both the heart and the mind." I firmly believe that in today's world, a "beyond the curriculum" approach should be adopted to re-define the concept of education previously restricted to textbooks. According to this philosophy, every child is different and in order to cater to each child's individual needs, the purpose of education also has to be manifold. Keeping this in view, a broad-based education is the goal for each student, one that prepares them for life without losing the value of skills specialization and competence. To prepare our students for life, I have introduced a value education program to help build moral character. Under expert watchful eyes, each child is motivated and prepared to shape his/her inner being in harmony with the outside world. Character building, I feel, is more important than collecting facts and information from textbooks. "Education is an ongoing process, an all-encompassing entity that stays with an individual lifelong." I believe in creating a new age school with a blend of traditional culture and modern values to help guide young minds to a morally, spiritually and ethically enlightened path.

Last Updated On: 2013-10-01