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John Locke rightly said, at the time of birth a newborn's mind is Tabula Rasa (the human mind as it is at birth with no ideas or thoughts in it), then with each passing moment his mind receives myriad of impressions-precious, trivial, evanescent and everlasting and these impressions shape his worldview. Here, education plays an important role; it helps an individual to distinguish between desirable and undesirable impressions, sharpens human intellect and develops critical faculties. A great quote from the Upanishads affirms, "A man without education is like a deer in human form grazing upon the meadows, with his only purpose to fill his stomach." In today's context, somehow a large population is educated but man is still striving and graz...

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Pay Your Quarterly School Fee : April-June 2020019

Please type your Admission Number :
Note: Do not include Slashes ( / ) or blank spaces or other special characters in the Admission Number. For example, if the student's Admission Number is 2015/999-99 then provide it as 201599999

Important Information and Instructions

  1. Bank Account Details
    Bank Name: Punjab National Bank, Gandhi Chowk, Ranikhet
    Account Name: Army Public School Ranikhet
    Savings Account Number: 0938000100172391
    IFSC Code: PUNB0093800
  2. Late Fee Calculation
    Fee paid on or before first month-end: No Late Fee
    Fee paid after first month and before second momnth-end: Rs. 250/-
    Fee paid after second month and before third momnth-end: Rs. 450/-
    Note: There will be no late fee applicable for the quarter April-June 2020.
  3. Steps for paying the school fee for the quarter April-June 2020
    Step 1: Type your Admission Number above and click on Submit Button
    Step 2: If you have typed your Admission Number correctly, your Fee Statement will be produced
    Step 3: If you are paying fee on a date when a late fee amount is also applicable, it will also be shown
    Step 4: You can pay the fee online by either NetBanking, NEFT or IMPS (Take a screenshot of payment confirmation) or deposit the said amount in the bank (Take photo of the payment slip with Bank Stamp on it)
    Step 5: Upload the payment voucher (screenshot, in case of NetBanking / NEFT / IMPS OR payment slip, in case of Bank deposit) on the same page
    Step 6: Close that page and cross-check your payment confirmation by typing your Admission Number again in this page