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John Locke rightly said, at the time of birth a newborn's mind is Tabula Rasa (the human mind as it is at birth with no ideas or thoughts in it), then with each passing moment his mind receives myriad of impressions-precious, trivial, evanescent and everlasting and these impressions shape his worldview. Here, education plays an important role; it helps an individual to distinguish between desirable and undesirable impressions, sharpens human intellect and develops critical faculties. A great quote from the Upanishads affirms, "A man without education is like a deer in human form grazing upon the meadows, with his only purpose to fill his stomach." In today's context, somehow a large population is educated but man is still striving and graz...

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"Pariksha Pe Charcha"

Special Message

Dear Parents,

  1. This Lockdown period can be used as a Gift of God for nurturing our kids.
  2. Generally you always had complaints about your kids for being away from home for various reasons such as School, Tuitions, Playing or Partying with their friends.
  3. Restrictions & Counseling for holding them at home hardly affected them that time.
  4. Now as the Schools, Tuitions, Eating joints, Playfields are all closed due to the Pandemic, Kids are confined within the four walls of the house and can't go out even if they desire to do so.
  5. At this situation the tremendous energy of these kids needs to be utilised judiciously.
  6. All these kids have within them numerous latent talents and loads of creativity.
  7. To engage them with Academics the School is giving them small Home Assignments and Videos, however they also need to be encouraged to brush up their talents during this period and invent themselves in a new way.
  8. Hobbies such as Cooking, Gardening, Writing, Singing, Dancing Decorating, Photography, Cleaning the Surroundings, Washing & Ironing Clothes can be developed in this time.
  9. The same can be documented and shared as a learning experience with fellow friends on reopening of the school.
  10. Please give it a try and make this time more enjoyable, useful and interesting for them and your family.
Stay Safe and Healthy.

Kamlesh Joshi
Army Public School